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Fix Shortcuts Virus on External/Flash Drive Folders

Solution to Fix Shortcuts Virus External/Flash Drive Files :

The good side of these viruses is that they don’t delete the actual content. It was just hide in our Flash Drive. We can easily recover all the files.
Step 1: If you are affected by Shorcut Viruses,Do not format your Flash or External Drive. If you format you can’t Recover it.
Step 2: Check your Flash Drive’s Drive Letter ( Example : I: or K:)

Step 3: Click on “Start” –>Run–>type “cmd” and click on OK
Step 4: If your Flash Drive Letter is K: then Type the below command in your “cmd” and Press “Enter
attrib -h -r -s /s /d k: *.* (Check the screenshot ) Note : Replace the letter k: with your flash drive letter

 Step 5 : Now your files will be visible.Make sure to keep the antivirus up-to-date to prevent viruses.

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