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Impressive Dark Wallpapers

Dark wallpapers are a great choice for a desktop background, as they don’t strain the eyes, and they are also interesting because of the lighting and absence of light in various areas.  Additionally, there are always cool themes that can be presented in dark wallpapers, such as night time, black and white, and fantasy style wallpapers.

How To Create Text with Diamonds Effect video tutorials

In this Tutorial you will learn how to Create Text with Diamonds Effect and adding lights to animated scenes.

Nice Provocative and Interesting Advertising Artworks

Effective advertisements grab your attention in whatever way they can, whether it’s shock and awe, intricate details that grab your interest, or by creating a related situation or concept that the viewer can connect with.  But sometimes, one of the best ways is to be interesting, and in some cases, even provocative.
So, we gathered up some ads that were interesting and/or provocative to get you inspired.

Magazine Wordpress Portal Theme/BubBlog Clean Portfolio News

This another nice wordpress/blogger theme is compatible with latest WordPress versions, widgets ready, SEO optimized, ready for threaded comments, and tested on various major web browsers: IE, FF, Safari.



Download Wordpress theme National Sports Teams

This nice wordpress/blogger theme is compatible with latest WordPress versions, widgets ready, SEO optimized, ready for threaded comments, and tested on various major web browsers: IE, FF, Safari.

1. Clean layout and light color scheme.
2. Two columns left sidebar, widgetized.
3. The latest WP version compatible, threaded comments supported.
4. Valid XHTML/CSS.
5. Runs properly on various web browsers.



How To Create 3D Effects With the Stardust Particle Engine

In this tutorial we’ll begin with a demonstration of how to use the Stardust’s native 3D engine. Then, I’ll show you how to get Stardust to work with Papervision3D; we’ll be creating 3D particle effects with Papervision3D’s Particles class and DisplayObject3D class.



Google and Sony Launch Internet Television Sets

Sony and Google Launch Internet Television Sets
Google is set to expand into television production by joining forces with Sony to release new TV sets that allow viewers to browse the Internet. The high-definition sets, which were unveiled in New York, will have LCD screens ranging from 24 inches to 46 inches and a remote control system that comes with the standard QWERTY keyboard to enter search requests, send emails or make comments on the Web whilst simultaneously whilst watching television.

The Google-powered TVs can search the Internet, programme guides and find all video connected to a requested entered into a search bar at the top of the screen. Furthermore, consumers will be able to search for their favourite television programs and Websites on the same screen, at the same time. This means that Google TV will make it possible for consumers to search the Web, access Facebook and watch films on YouTube in the comfort of their sitting rooms. Twitter and a number of music sites such as Napster, Pandora and Vevo, have also designed features for the system.
The new TVs will be built on Google’s Android operating system, use Intel Atom processor and navigate the Web via the Google Chrome browser. As the Internet television sets go on sale this month, it will be interesting to see how successful they will eventually become in the increasingly competitive market if the price is right.

How To Create 3D Euroleague Logo In CorelDraw

In this tutorial i will demonstrate how to create 3D euroleague Logo in coreldraw

Step 1
This is original image of Euroleague Logo. 

Step 2
For start open new document and start drawing. Begin from the circle.

Step 3
Draw proporcional smaler circle inside.

Step 4
Color them, select toghether and use Trim option.

Step 5
Smaler circle will cut bigger one and only this will ring stay.

Amazing 50 Digital Artworks from Photoshop Masters

Amazing 50 Digital Artworks from Photoshop Masters