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How To Create Hair Styles With Maya Fur

In this tutorial we will create some hair styles with Maya fur plugin. Im assuming that you have a basic knowledge in Maya and its core concepts and procedures, which will help to keep this tutorial as short as possible

First well create a new UV set which will be linked to the fur description node later.
1. Select the head and go the side view. And press F11 to go the face selection mode and select the faces which make up the scalp area. You can start with a basic selection and also try using the paint selection tool (edit > paint selection tool).

2. After the faces have been selected we need to create a UV projection node.
On the Create UVs menu select Cylindrical Mapping. This will create a new mapping node.

3. Now locate the polyCylProj1 node and set the rotate x to -90. This will rotate the projection node so it should look like this.

4. Now we will save this set of UVs to a new UV set. Select > convert selection > to faces will convert the selection to UVs.

5. Open window > UV texture editor to view the UVs. You can use the UV texture editor to scale or move the UVs if needed.
6. Select a UV from the UV texture editor that belongs to the UV set we want to save. Select, select shell from the select menu. This will select all the UVs that belong to the UV shell. 7. Select polygons> copy UVs to UV set > copy in to new UV set > options.png to open the copy in to new UV set options box. Enter fur_hair as the new UVset name. Click, apply and close.

Now we are ready to add the fur description node. 8. Press F8 to return to object mode. Select the head and select, fur > attach fur description > new. This will attach a new fur description node to the head mesh.

9. We need to edit the fur description nodes attributes to the desired values to make the hair style.
10. You can start with a preset from the fur description node to make hair styles. It is the easiest way to start. However I have added some methods of creating different hair styles.


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How To Create Rain with Photoshop in under 2 minute

There are thousands of tutorials on the net to show you how to create rain, but I didn’t find any that fast as here technique and with here twist. The twist is that you can change the feeling of any photo at the same time. Oh… and it’s fast… really fast. It’s all about applying one brush, one layer style, one a effect and one blending mode. As usual, since I am one of the laziest persons alive, he find a way to pass all the hard work to Photoshop and me just to press few buttons along the way to achieve the effect. Curious about how can you do it in Adobe Photoshop?

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How To Create Easy magazine cover in Photoshop

It’s so easy to create a magazine cover with Photoshop that anyone can understand the process from the screenshots alone, without any explanations. All though it’s quite simple and straight forward, you will need to already know few things such as isolating an image from the background.

You should read the tutorial on isolating an image A first, if you have no clue how to do it. After that, you will know everything you need to know in order to create a magazine cover.

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Tutorial: 2 Ways To Create Realistic “Depth of Field”

In this tutorial we are going to learn in 2 different ways how to create realistic “Depth of Field” in Photoshop. We are going to look at two different ways of doing it depending on what kind of picture you want to modify. With today’s cameras you can pretty much create this effect right when the shot is taken. However, sometimes it happens that you get a really nice picture and you missed to adjust your zoom to the depth of field effect. Or simply, you just want to create the effect on an old photo to make it really fresh and effectful. Either way, we are going to look in to the effect and teach you how to achieve it with just a few steps.

Skills needed for this effect is just the basic skills of how to use Photoshop itself and it’s most common tools. Everything else will be explained in detail so you will be able to follow it quite nicely.

The first method we’re going to be trying out is the most basic one. Blurring everything that’s in the background to make the focused object stand out more.

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How to Make a Realistic Chrome Text Effect

Time for another tutorial and this time we are going to look at how we can create a Realistic Chrome/Platinum text effect by just using the basic tools in Photoshop. The Photoshop tutorial is super simple but yields quite a stunningly beautiful result that can be incorporated into just about any font or shape imaginable. While creating this effect it is important to remember that there are a few settings that are to be flexible. In order to get the best result for the font or shape that you choose to use other then what we use in this tutorial you will have to adjust a few settings to get the real realistic look of it. But we will go through all that in the few steps it takes to master this effect.

The skills needed for this Photoshop tutorial is merely the basic knowledge of the most common tools used in Photoshop. We’ll be tweaking settings for the most part and everything that is apart from the most basic I will of course explain in detail so that even the most novice Photoshop user can follow this tutorial.

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Photoshop speed retouch Music Video by fashion Photoshop

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