05 July 2010

Download Free Photoshop Actions

I often update previews and fix or change the action sets, so I prefer my actions not to be uploaded other places. However, uploading the preview is totally fine, but with a link to the original download. Please respect the effort I put into all the resources I provide.

:bulletpink: Made using Adobe Photoshop 7, but have used them in Adobe Photoshop 6 and the CS versions.
:bulletyellow: Made in layers so you can adjust the settings in the layers palette.

>> how to download/install/play
>> how to make actions
>> more action sets: [link]

action usage

*no need to credit.
*you may use on any art piece; commercial or non-commercial.
*do not claim/sell my actions as your own.



Please do not redistribute: By law, do not make your own action sets out of mine [or anything that is not yours]. Do not copy or go through and take the ones out that you like and upload them other places, or play an action and then add more effects to it and upload it in your own set. Please make your own to upload [I have tutorials to make that difference for You.] It's fun and it feels great (with no regrets) to make your own resources to share with the world. I feel more comfortable and respected if I am aware of how my stuff is being used/given out. I suggest you don't ruin it for others. Please respect and don't abuse the use of all the free things I give. I'd hate to watermark or delete my hard work of these resources I provide.


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