07 July 2010

Download Free CMS Iran sama portal (beta v.1)

Barz Hi and Hello Cheers service users .
After much effort the first version of CMS Blkhrh Sama was prepared . This system is the core engine Dytalayf I have is that more facilities . Many security problems in my own engine Dytalayf resolve

Changes in this version is applied on it .

Panel + professional full CSS and Jaks
+ a stylish professional format for free ( gift )
+ Environment and easy installation and full CSS Jaks
+ Redirected files and folders (language - templates - upgrade - engine).
+ mold problems ( problems for users browser IE)
+ Report Home General Manager
+ bug Security
+ Jlvgry of stolen templates redirecting templates folder and change the original file format to sama.php
+ change the overall template tag system
And ...

Dear Members take note that soon site support for Iranian Sama system will be struck in which to review problems and download module and download versions of the system will be discussed next . In this version a lot of work has been done in the module making the next version Anshaallh surprises you will

Source: http://www.todaycms.com/farsi_portal

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