27 June 2010

Tutorial: 2 Ways To Create Realistic “Depth of Field”

In this tutorial we are going to learn in 2 different ways how to create realistic “Depth of Field” in Photoshop. We are going to look at two different ways of doing it depending on what kind of picture you want to modify. With today’s cameras you can pretty much create this effect right when the shot is taken. However, sometimes it happens that you get a really nice picture and you missed to adjust your zoom to the depth of field effect. Or simply, you just want to create the effect on an old photo to make it really fresh and effectful. Either way, we are going to look in to the effect and teach you how to achieve it with just a few steps.

Skills needed for this effect is just the basic skills of how to use Photoshop itself and it’s most common tools. Everything else will be explained in detail so you will be able to follow it quite nicely.

The first method we’re going to be trying out is the most basic one. Blurring everything that’s in the background to make the focused object stand out more.

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