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How To Create Pump Up The BASS

Open up adobe photoshop with the image you want to animate.

Now select the pen tool or your desired cutting tool and draw around each speaker, I find it best to use the pen tool.

Select the speaker 1 layer go to"filter > blur > motion blur" don't blur by more than 10 pixels.

Press ok to apply the blur, repeat this step for layer speaker 2 but only this time change the angel of the motion blur. Once you have blurred both speaker layers hide them by clicking on the little eye icon. Now go to "file > edit in image ready"
If its the 1st time using image ready, your animation window may not be open so go to"window" at the top and see if there is a tick next to "animation". Your layout should look like this, although I've moved the 3 boxes together as these are the only things we need to use, I've also labeled the icons we will be using so use the below image as a reference.

You will already have one frame in the animation window, we need to duplicate this "4" times so click layer one then click the duplicate frame button 4 times. You should now have 5 frames.

Select frame 2 and un hide speaker layer 1.

Click layer 4 and un hide speaker layer 2
Now on layers 2 and 4 click where it says "0 sec" there should be a little black arrow. On layers 2 and 4 set the delays to 2.0 sec.

Now you can click play at the bottom of the animation window to see what it looks like. Here's how mine looks.

You can adjust the rhythms of the bass by changing the delay time and adding more frames. You could even turn it into a signature.

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