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The new version of the Sony VAIO Z .. Once they raise all the reach of your hands in a computer suitable for movement and mobility

Sony has announced the launch of the newest generation of computers and portable VAIO Z, described by the word "unprecedented strength," and despite the fact that these statements are propaganda rhetoric is customary for without the means to us much, but this time I tend to say that this description soon far from reality with this new generation of computers VAIO Z.Immediately Mutalatk to the list of specifications provided by this computer I think you Sentabk this same feeling that I had that Sony has tried hard to collect everything they can accrue from the latest internal components of Hasabha new notebook, and although it is not a lot of actual innovations, which does not hear However, the previously all been chosen to make this computer flirts Summit in many aspects. 

The beginning and until we put everything in its proper context, all of these specifications to meet in the following computer slim weight not exceeding 1.45 kg compact design also appears in the photos below. VAIO Z notebook publications at the top of a display screen measuring 13.1-inch LED display supports high-definition image accurately display up to 1920 × 1080 pixels, the structure is made of carbon fiber of high quality and durability as well as aluminum.We will move quickly to the interior, which is boosted by processor Intel ® Core i7-620M with DDR3 memory with a capacity of 6GB and graphics processor NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GT 330M memory 1GB works interchangeably with Intel integrated graphics processor and is navigated them automatically or manually according to user's choice through a system Navigation hybrid Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System to meet the needs of the user, and energy conservation in accordance with the conditions of use and required to complement the Sony package has impressive specifications to provide a whole new system of storage media named Quad SSD is based on the containment of the computer on the storage media 4 different SSD 256GB total capacity to operate the computer to write to the four discs at one time to achieve the greatest possible speed of data access and preservation.

The rest of the specifications include a keyboard automatically illuminated with low light intensity and at the level of the surrounding properties Contact VAIO Z offers support for WiFi 802.11n with an internal modem to connect to the Internet via the phone networks (3G) in addition to Bluetooth of course. Do not ask about the price because we do not yet know, but what we know now is that this computer will be available for sale by the end of next March.

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