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Best High Speed Photography: 80 Inspiring Examples

A high speed photo is a image captured at an amazingly quick shutter speed. These images capture scenes which are often too quick for the eye to have seen. This phenomena makes them very popular, and leads to photographers spending countless hours trying to get the perfect image.
You can shoot a high speed photo using almost any SLR camera, though more expensive cameras can often reach faster shutter speeds. Budget and compact cameras are likely to struggle with capturing action at such a fast speed.

Bernie Sumption

It seems that Bernie Sumption loves just getting out his SLR and having some fun! His images show crazy and fun scenes that most professional photographers miss.

Hélène Desplechin (Hel Des)

I came across this user's Flickr page countless times when looking for images and I can understand why! Here you will find a collection of outstanding high speed photos.
Flickriver Flickr

Johnny Chung Lee

Johnny Lee produces dynamic open-minded artistic photography for professional, commercial, personal, or creative purposes. He claims he is always up for a creative challenge and looks like he has great fun doing it!


Starmag has a small collection of fruit dropping into water, I was amazed at the lighting on each shot and thought he deserves a place in this list. Each photo here was taken at 1/8000th at f10.
Check out his Flickr account for the various other photos he has taken.

Alan Sailer

Looking at Alan Sailer's photography illustrates a very common theme - bullets. Alan seems to have shot (in both ways!) everything from fruit to slowglobes.
Look carefully at each picture and you normally see the bullet or fragments splitting.

Kaitlyn Grenier (Star-buck)

Kaitlyn seems to always be in the right place with her trusty Canon 5D. She has a amazing gallery built of quite a few hundred photographs.
Deviant Art


He sums himself up as just a regular guy who likes shooting photos, and some pretty amazing shots at that. The thing I like most about the photos is that they are a lot more natural and come from everyday situations.

Random pictures

Here are few high speed spots by random photographers, simply click the photo to find more about the photographer.