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Small Iron Wood Prefab Houses with Butterfly Roof in Thailand

TYIN Tegnestue is a group of student architects which designed Soe Ker Tie Hias project in Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand. The project’s name translation is “Butterfly houses”. The project includes 6 small prefab houses made of iron wood (tropic timber). These houses provide accommodation for 50 local children. The project earned its name because of flip-up house’s roof design that enables effective natural ventilation while collecting rainwater for re-use. All houses are prefabricated and assembled on-site, using bolts to ensure reasonable precision and strength. The project was finished in February 2009 and become great experience as for the students as for locals who helped in construction. Important principles like bracing, material economization and moisture prevention that was learned may possibly lead to a more sustainable building tradition in the future.


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