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Crucify My Love

For quite a while I used to believe that infidelity is a state of mind. This was till I realized that porn and men are like inseparable and therefore every man would be a fantasizing infidel! Better than putting a leash on your partner and curbing natural instincts, is the set of TooRings that “Fix Your Love”. The set consists of 4 rings that represent practical advice of tightening your relationship, not screwing it up, smoothing the rough patches and building bridges.

The rings are:
Hexagon: a 5mm inner hexagon spanner
Always remember tightening your relationship…
Cruciform: a cruciform screw driver
Never screw up your relationship with loved one…
#1: a number 1 file
Smoothen your relationship with care when necessary
3CM: a 30mm ruler
By doing all these you two will be closer than 30mm!
Designer: Li Jianye
TooRing: Fix Your Love Rings by Li Jianye

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