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Car Design Inspiration

I have often talked about getting web design inspiration from different fields and I have a confession to make; I have been a secret car design fanatic for years and I thought I would showcase my current favourite car designs.
I think you can pull inspiration from many mediums and these cars often have a massive impact on onlookers.

I have picked my favourite three car designs and then explained why I love the design of them - as best I can. Click on images to enlarge.

Lamborghini Murcielago

This Lamborghini upholds the tradition of the classic Countach and Diablo, simply out this world design that’s almost scary to look at.
Aggression from every pore and in silver it looks as if its cut from ice, this would definitely be the Terminators car of choice.
I love the masculinity of the design, the sharp muscular edges and aggressive angles feel really solid. I like to believe that those ridiculous air vents that those crazy Italian’s stuck on the sides are for aesthetic purposes, they balance the design and compliment the cars shape.

E-Type Jag

I love the beautiful sleek lines of the Jaguar E-type , especially the coupe version with its slanted large rear end, it some how feels weighted at the back, but the long bonnet balances it out perfectly.
All the cars lines are balanced perfectly from the tear drop headlamps to the elegant spoked wheels, simply stunning to behold.
I am possibly biased as this is a British car but I believe this is the best looking classic car ever.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Famous of course for being James Bond’s new car, I’m very happy to see him get back into a Aston. From every angle this car is beautiful, every line feels hand crafted and the Vanquish is one of only a few cars that still retains that classic car feel.
Every time I get upset and say “they don’t design cars like they used to”, I think of the Vanquish for instant relief.

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